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World Spirit Tarot - Sibyl of Pentacles

Here is an Aztec queen.

Surrounded by greenery she sits on a throne made of rough stone which has a pentacle carved on it. Pink flowers which look like roses grow up and around her seat and a stripy snake is curled at the base of it.
In the background we can see an Aztec pyramid rising above the jungle foliage and just behind our queen is a field of corn.
On her head she wears an elaborate crown and around her shoulders is a golden collar.
She lounges in her throne in a very relaxed position and looks quite at home there. Her feet are bare.

Well this is the Pentacle Queen and the first thing I notice is that her throne is made of rough stone, connecting her to the Earth... Nothing fancy for this lady, she's down to earth and practical. Her bare feet also link her to the earth and make me think that she is well grounded - no flights of fancy for her.
The corn in the field speaks of abundance and also of food and of being able to provide for herself and for her people, it also links her to The Empress who she has a lot in common with.

This is a nurturing, caring individual who is in touch with the earth and with nature. She trusts herself and her surroundings and knows the importance of being able to provide, not only for herself but for those who are dependent on her.
The snake is a symbol of sexuality and fertility as well as renewal and rebirth. The roses show that she is passionate, loving and caring and they also link her to the earthly plain.

Queens (and Sibyls in this deck), are mature and have developed a deep understanding of the element they represent.
She looks relaxed and calm.. She knows what she has and she knows what she needs.

Here is an image of the card: http://******************.com/photos/..._Spirit#69.jpg
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