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I can't help but stare at the angel in this card. It is, to me, the most disturbing part of it. This angel looks either angry or intense. I haven't decided which emotion is attached to it. That it's made of stone gives me a cold feeling, distanced, detached. Maybe that's what finding our balance is really about? Giving ourselves space from a situation so we can regain our equilibrium?

A balance of opposites. Male and female on opposite sides of the statue.

I don't see a choice here exactly but I do see a disruption in the form of the male standing in the background.

But temperance isn't really about balance, is it? It's about the right mixture. So perhaps the people in this card represent a desire to create that mixture. Though I have to say that to me, the woman in this card seems to have an air of coyness and coquettishness (in my mind, that fan in her right hand is a tool for flirtation. It's very U.S. deep south.) Perhaps she is her own worst enemy here then, having flirted with both men, leading them on, and creating a volatile situation for herself. The very opposite of Temperance.

And maybe that's why the statue of the angel looks so stern.
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