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Personal Response

This card clearly depicts motherhood, peace, caring and a oneness with nature, clearly shown by her ‘mother earth’ green dress and the animals that gravitate to her. Meanings associated with this card such as fertility, childbirth, love, sex, marriage, environment, home life and pleasure are all depicted here. The robin brings a very sudden burst of red to this otherwise very earthily coloured picture. I think this is suggestive of love, sex passion and menstruation.

Her youth, long flowing blonde hair and even style of dress, suggest she could almost be The High Priestess a few years later. I do not think that she is, but I think that it does make the point that the High Priestess can make her own choices in life and become whoever she wants, she may wish to become the mother figure in the Empress card or she may not. It also suggests that the Empress is more than just a mother figure, reminding us that her very title states that she has other powers, duties, influences and roles to fulfil.

The Empress protects and presides over those that are in her care, be it her own child or her people.
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