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Deviant Moon: 8 of Wands

VIII of Wands

A Moon creature is using a scythe to chop down a group of 8 well tended saplings. Above her head a blackbird flies with a letter in it's mouth.

I had to post about this card because recently I was shown some different ways of interpreting this card when reading.

It came up for me in a personal reading and seemed to say, "Stay off the computer, it is a distraction, you have work to do." Seeing this pop up in the reading for myself made me really laugh. I just cracked up. I felt like I had been caught with my hand in the cookie jar. It seemed to stand for distractions of all kinds....just keep focused, don't let anything pull you away from what you have to do was the admonishment.

Another time it came up for someone I was reading for. This individual has been writing a letter that they wanted to send out for a long time. The individual is obsessed with writing this letter, and wants to mail it out so badly, but doing so may be the end of his marriage.

It just was so surprising to see this card come up with such specificity to tell him....stay focused, even though you are thinking about the letter, stay focused. But it also showed how intensely he is really thinking about the letter, how much he wants to send it, and sadly how unable he is to stop thinking about it.
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