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Frankly speaking, 8 of wands is not good card for me. Specially for women.

Black crow with the massage. Crow is the symbol of death and something dark news.
The girl is in red skirt but with black breast and black apron.
Red skirt is the symbol of woman's menstruation.
Apron - a symbol of women, the feminine principle (it «closes» female genitalia), fertility. But apron is black. It means that this woman is sterile. She is not able to give birth to children. And she blames the Man in her problem.

Sharp Scythe is the element of woman's deconstructive energy. Wand is the element of constructive man's energy - phallus. She scythes phalluses on the field.
She hate this man who gave her pain in the past and all other men, she compares with that she has in her past.

8 of wands is the card of PEDOPHILIA, when the little girl raped by her father in the childhood, or other older man. When young girl had her first sexual experience with old man because of money or something else. This man gave her bad experience and she is not able to forget it.

To the question - "Will I marry any guy?"
This card replies - NOT.
This card means woman scares or avoid sexual relationships with men.

In its best meaning - 8 of wands means woman's hyperactivity, when we say "Hormones are playing". It is the card of headache before menstruation time. Or when the woman has a lack of sexual relationships and try to compensate them with any phisical work.

Sue it also means messages by e-mail and travellings by air.
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