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Zombie tarot - No. 6 The Lovers

The saying is that opposites attract. What they don't tell you, is a year down the line you are ripping chunks out of each other as the quirks in the other party, initially thought of as cute have now turned into excuses for all out war. So be warned. Love ain't all a bed of roses. She may well steal your heart. If she does you may not get it back. Do you really want to be heartless? And you can covertly spray as much cologne as you like - her stench will still be there festering, and for sure it is not as a result of raging pheromones. I guess if you do find you both like the kinky side of things, the relationship can work. If one wants more than the other can give over the long term, it may not be destined to go the distance. And purrllleez - lose the Y fronts. They went out with the ark. Once she gets an eyeful of what you wear down there, you will be history, regardless of what size snake they are reigning in. Even zombies have standards, and wouldn't be seen dead in something their Grandpa once thought was high fashion in the underwear department. Humour is not something they really have, as that relies on emotions, so sorry to break it to you, but they just do not see the funny side of life. Therefore you can forget any attempt at joking your way out of your very bad dress sense. This really can go either way. They are both enamoured and overlooking the other's foibles. With compromise they may well live happily ever after, (Literally if she gets her way), or it may end up with a parting of the ways. For now just enjoy the moment, but be realistic about the long term prospects.
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