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Originally Posted by GotH View Post
Apple Cider Vinegar for menstrual cramps.

Drink a mix of 2 teaspoons in half a cup of water everyday, for only a few days BEFORE the start of. Say good bye to physical discomfort! Just remember to begin drinking this 3 days before the start..
lol! Wish I had known about this many years ago!

I love this thread. Always did. My fave recipe for when you're under the weather, and esp. if you have an upset stomach, or if you have no appetite and have vomitted up everything that was in your stomach--JELLO TEA!

Just empty half a packet of the regular sized jello flavor of your choice into a coffee mug and add boiling water to it. Stir well and sip at it. the jello coats your stomach, and helps you from continued vomitting and gives your stomach a nice warm feeling--helping you to feel much better. Plus, its tasty too!

Greatdane here also turned me onto Oil of Oregano. I put one drop into a full glass of water to keep colds from coming my way. I think it helps. Haven't had a cold in a long while!

And then, coconut oil on boo-boos. cut yourself? kid scaped their knees? melt some coconut oil in the microwave and rub it onto the cleaned off cut. It truly works wonders! (Plus its a GREAT skin cleanser and moisturizer too!)
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