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Originally Posted by Thoughtful View Post
Thank you so much Mim for pointing us to the video.
This tarot is beautiful l particularly love the colouring.
You're very welcome, dear Thoughtful.

Yes, it's been for Wilfried Houdouin a long, precise and careful work on the traditionnal colors and sacred geometry. This TdM Millennium Edition is based upon not less than 19 Tarot decks, all trustful and traditional ones, plus many others that have been at least studied and compared to enlighten even further the evidences checked up within the matrix of sacred geometry.

I really long for the 78 cards deck to be home but, within those two or three last months of patience, my 22 cards one is already my all time favorite.
I'm just enjoying the perfection of the harmony within each Arcana.

They look like traditionnal stained glasses windows which helps a lot in getting deepfully the meaning of the archetypes displayed in the cards and to see through them, to get more of a deeper reality.

As you might see in this short vid, there are many details that have been restaurated within some Arcanas such as the 2 Of Cups (the griffins).

There has been a long way of researches within the historical Tarot decks and of course with the precious help of our dear Yves too, I guess. A great adventure through History and many more traditionnal en modern sciences to get us back this quintessencial TdM.

I heard an english translation is on its way for Le Code Sacré du Tarot (The Sacred Code To The Tarot) but still, the EN part of the website is leading to further understanding of Wilfried Houdouin's work.


Hope it helps...

Thank you very much for your kind answer. I wish you a beautiful week, dear Thoughtful.
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