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Hi, Aegishjalmur !

Not sure for spanish, I'll let Yves answer to this one. Portuguese is already available and english is on the way, that's all I'm aware of by now.

Regarding to the many details of the Arcanas, I know Wilfried is still working on writings and I guess he'll provide us many answers as soon as possible. Every little detail has been really demanding regarding to precise observation and rigorous work of research and checking. So I assume it also takes some time to explain everything, furthermore because realising the TdM Millennium Edition must have taken a lot of time, not permitting many more activities such as writing meanwhile.
We still can assume from the Code Sacré du Tarot that every little step of this Tarot making is always explained one day, with clear and honnest demonstration.
So this is only a question of time, I think.

By the way, waiting patiently for those writings, there are several things we still already can observe alone and it feels just as exciting as it is to observe any Tarot de Marseille, still a mute Book of Life... fullfilled with wordless and timeless knowledge.

Regarding to "Payen", the common substantive still exists in usual french language, meaning "pagan", written without accent nowadays.

I know french has walked many steps before fixing the definitive orthograph of many words as it is most of a mix up of languages such as latin, roman and german (also many more such as arabic and hebrew...).
This accent also might have been an error, as for centuries only the clerks and some rare exceptions of the other social classes recieved a decent education. And during this time also did french language follow its slow tranformation within its writing and orthograph too. Or maybe the use of this accent just has fallen to decay ? We need a linguist here.

What we can obviously see is that payen (french) and pagan (occitan or english and more) derive from the same root. And none of them seem to be written with an accent on it. This is not an explaination as I'm none at all a linguist, just a little clue passing by my mind this morning. Not sure it's good, though.

That's anyway a good question, I hope someone will be able to answer it.

Hope also you might undestand my poor english.

Have a nice day
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