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21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card -- step FOUR

It has been a week since our last "step" was announced. With the fourth step we are asked to get much more involved in our process of discovery. From now I suspect we will have to do much more work.

We are to use our chosen card as the basis for telling a story. The book gives very specific details about how we can construct our story and suggestions that can't be retold due to the length of what is written. But, this story is to be in the form of a myth or fairy tale. The story doesn't have to make sense or even be complete but it does have to let you express free rein to your imagination. So stop everything else, get loose, look at your card, and let it suggest paths and directions of any nature. Make it wild and crazy.

Following the completion of your story, re-tell it in the first person. You can play the role of any number of characters in your story (which may have more characters than is shown in the card).

Finally as our third step, tell of personal experiences that relate to some portions of your story. Read Mary's questions about this third step and seek to incorporate them into your comments. The more you cover, the more you dig into yourself, the more questions you answer, the more you (and all of us) will get out of this exercise.

Now, don't cheat, don't take short cuts. Read this step four carefully, and then cut loose. Have fun. I imagine we'll see entries here by Sunday.
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