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Where is Frankie Albano?
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Where is Frankie Albano?

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Hanson-Roberts Tarot, the Sun

Once upon a time...

there was this beautiful big white horse. A kind of horse you would like to keep behind the house and have visitors admire it. This horse was like from a fairytale, not from this world it seemed. When the sun was shining, and how the sun loved this horse, its beams reflected like gold on the horse. Now what was the name of that horse again? Ah I remember, Sunflower! That's it's name. Well, Sunflower was missing one day. Didn't I tell you where it lived? Sunflower lived near a great castle, this castle had wonderful gardens and that is where Sunflower used to graze, play and run. Often the little prince who lived at the castle and Sunflower went for a wild ride and have fun! Anyway, one day Sunflower was missing. So the little prince was crying his eyes out, as he wasn't big enough to go out searching for himself. Funny thing was that as long as the horse Sunflower was away the days went darker and darker! For months Sunflower stayed away. And all of the sudden he returned! And you know what? He brought back the sun! Every day Sunflower was back the days became longer and warmer. Can you imagine how happy the little prince was when he saw his friend Sunflower again? And that my friend is how the sun comes back every year. It shys away for the cold winter but it is brought back every year by this brave white horse called Sunflower.

What a great day! I went for my initiation, to bring back the sun, and I succeeded! There had been a sad time as well, while I was away I had to miss my little friend, I missed my home and the warmth of the sun. I had to be brave while I'm not always, I had to be strong while sometimes feeling comfortable in weakness, I had to expose myself to the sun while crawling away into a safe hidden place would have been easier. But I knew my friend was depending on me and waiting for me. He would never give up caring for me so I had to go on and do my duty. And what reward! Now we live happily ever after and I will never fail to bring back the sun again as I know from now on that I can do such a task.

Bringing back the sun is something I had to do several times in my life. And some of those attempts failed. Because I did not dare to rely on my skills or help from others. I have always encouraged other people to go after what they want in life. And while I seemed so independant and strong (travelling alone, working abroad, being outgoing, seemingly extravert) I knew that all this intense living was a way as well to hide my shyness. While all my experiences added, nothing gave so much fulfillment when I decided to do something in my work for other people. And to do that in the way I wanted really needed to bring back the sun. Lots of effort, much gained. I am glad I went for that initiation journey and got home safe and happy.
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