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Lovely picture mooncat2! Both you and purple_scorp have a way of visually capturing the symbols.

Most of what is written here is also my interpretation of this symbol. We are constantly coming in and going out of ourselves.....and once we make a deep impression in life, we push and thrust and lift ourselves out.

This is a person who has an interest in the outrside world, who looks and desires to become a part of all that life has to offer.

But if our emotions are not engaged in what we want, we are unable to create anything.

Between the eyes is a ganglionic nerve center, a nerve center that is the strongest than any other part of the body (even the ears). If I remember correctly the eyes in astrology represent the sun and the moon. The moon is at the back of the head, the sun at the front. These two centers are the two of the most important centers in the body, acting as the seat and the source of our consciousness and the whole chakra system. When we thrust ourselves out from the lowest point within, we project out to the highest point....our third eye. This sets into motion our ability to imagine through the root of the optic nerve. And this imaging center is located near the pituitary gland, which is about the size of a pea, that lies at the base of the brain only a short distance behind the 'root' of our nose (our intuition).

You do not see in your eyes so much as you see through them.

When our 'eye' is single focused, the forces of our body is raised up. The currents of life begin to move upward creating a triangular power of energy, swept up with the force of ascending wings.

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