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thank you alissa, that was so beautiful, i am close to tears!
your reply has made me feel a lot more positive about the situation. i try not to have regrets as think that there is no use for them, apart from to learn from past mistakes. so perhaps like you said i have already learned the lesson that i was meant to, but i'm hoping that he will be washed up on my shore again.
the first time i looked into his eyes, and all predictions aside, i just had some weird sense of knowing that he is meant to be in my life, so i do have some faith that he is going to come around again.
then again last month i wasn't sure that i was going to be starting a new relationship, the timing didn't seem so right, i didn't really believe it. this month however i know that i'm going to meet someone, whether its this guy or not, i feel it in my heart, and i know my heart is never wrong.

thank you for your words of wisdom alissa
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