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I'll put up the original photo over the weekend. In the case of this card it isn't so different from the final image, but maybe the context of the site will be of interest.

It may be worth adding that Prague, like many cities in Central Europe (indeed, like many old cities all over the world) has seen a lot of suffering. On the Charles Bridge itself there was a huge battle in the mid 1600s when the Swedish invaded, and many, many people were slaughtered there. I think of the woman as a widow, left alone with a baby to try to fend for herself. Just for a moment, she feels that it is impossible - and despairs. She almost throws the baby away from herself, but in the end keeps him/her with her.

We photographed the image in the snow of course as a reference to the original RWS image, but also because the naked baby in the snow and the weeping woman are such powerful images of vulnerable people left without defence and help in a cruel world.

But behind them is the church of course - and maybe there is help there. Though to me the church does not specifically stand for any religion in particular, but for charity in general. But charity in a good and pure form.
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