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I pulled my cards out today, for the first time in a while, and did a short reading with them. Luthas came up as advice. Due to the question (which I do not wish to share), the advice of "go for it" is completely wrong. So I looked him up in good faeries/bad faeries, and here.

His wild wreckless energy can take a control over you sometimes, where he's an influence in your life, to act, and carry on completely wreckless.

This today was a card saying "you're acting out of wreckless energy, and you need to ignore the intoxicating influence of this energy so you don't crash yourself into a whirlwind of trouble."

I've never seen him as a warning before, usually I've seen his wreckless energy as advice, to be wreckless, or at least, act what you feel is wreckless, letting your intimidations go and do what you so wish to do. Usually we hold back too much not allowing ourselves to act wrecklessly, but today, I see him as a warning to stop acting wreckless.

I just wanted to share this other side of him with you all. It's comforting in a strange way, to hear his gentle advice.

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