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Hum... Interesting. I read the chapter for step 6 and was sure that I knew what I was going to do, and then I read the thread for step 6...

Back to the book. Some of what some of you did makes no sense to me at all, so I need to do some more careful reading before I go and actually do the step.

I've read Mary Greer before. I've seen her intuitive methods before and I've even used them some. They were already part of my quiver of arrows. So they were also pretty easy. I've avoided a lot of the stuff in steps 6 and 7. (Yes, I read ahead and had a look at step 7 as well.)

It looks like I'm going to be pushed, pulled and "forced" to do some work and some growing here. That is the advantage to doing the book with a group. If the study continues on this way, I'm also obviously not going to be doing it as quickly as I did the first 5 steps.

For me this is all new. I am really going to be learning new stuff. I like that.
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