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Activity 12:1 Interpret 8 of Wands from Nefertari's tarots if it came up in the following positions.

1. The recent past - All 8 of Wands indicate that moment in time when you have initiated action, but it has not been completed, but in this card someone is striding towards something, two wands in hand, and the other six have just hit the ground. So in this case the actual moment is IMMEDATELY before things begin. The card in this position indicates a moment of waiting before action begins, but it also indicates that in the recent past things had just begun moving again.

2. An obstacle - The obstacle is that it is not yet quite time to actually take action. Instead it is a time when you need to plan before you can take action. Because in this particular card in this particular deck the time when you can plan is actually now over, it is possible that the obstacle is that there isn't enough time to plan properly.

3. Your strength - You have started an action, the waiting time is now over, and you are ready to proceed.

4. Question: What is my purpose in life?
Position: The best that can be achieved.
My purpose is to go forward and act. In this position, I will be prepared at the right time to act.

5. Question: What do I need to know about buying this house?
Position: My fears.
It is possible that I will have to act too quickly, and that I won't be prepared to do what needs to be done. I might buy the wrong house, at the wrong time, for the wrong amount of money.

Activity 12:2

1. From what you've discovered about your chosen card, what do you most need to look at in your life right now? Rephrase as a question.

Well, now I know why I was drawn to pull a new card. My card is RWS - 9 of Pentacles. Right now I need to think about and look at what it means to be alone, and how to stop being alone if what I need is people.

My actual question when I pulled the card was what do I need to pay attention to. Although it isn't responsive to this activity, it is the question I need to go with here.

2. Pick three spread positions and interpret your chosen card.

a. The situation: At the heart of the situation is that I am alone in the garden. That can be good, or it can be bad. It could be that I am using alone time to recharge my batteries, or it could be that I am alone when I really need to be with other people. This is the central question.

b. Strength: I handle solitude very well. "The garden" is full of wonderful things and experiences and options and joy, and I use those things, and those experiences, and those options and that joy to fill my spirit.

c. What is blocked?: I am alone in the garden. Although it is a wonderful place, there is no one to share its wonders. Solitude is wonderful, but its obverse is loneliness.

Activity 12.:3 Pick two other cards to clarify the question holding the chosen card (9 of Pentacles) as the situation. I will need one card for what my Next Step should be, and one for What can help me break my block. I'm also going to pull a card for Outcome for a total of 4 cards.

Next Step - Ace of Swords - The next step involves using logic to figure out the way out of my problem, and finding a solution.

What can help me break my block? - The Hierophant - Learning about what the rules are, what is possible and what isn't, and finding an organization or organizations to help me will allow me to break out of whatever is blocking me. I might need to join an organization, or just learn a great deal which will allow me to go deeper.

Outcome - Ace of Cups - In the end I can expect an overflowing of emotional good to come out of doing the work that the Ace of Swords and the Hierophant are requiring of me.

It is very interesting that I pulled two Aces and a Major Arcana card in this little spread.
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