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21 steps step 12

21 ways step 12

12.1 . Eight of wands, Nefertaris Tarots.
1. The recent past
What have you just accomplished? How did you achieve your goals? Are you happy with the result?

2. An obstacle
What is stopping you reaching your goal or destination? What is stopping you from talking to others? Why did you stop trying? Is there something standing in the way of this relationship?

3. Your strength.
Your good at reaching your goals. You like to go straight for it. You will not be deflected from you destination. You take an idea and run with it. You like action in your relationships. Your not afraid to ask someone out.

4. Question: What is my purpose in life?
Position: The best that can be achieved.
My purpose is to get things done with the minimum of fuss. I expect to lead the way and be rewarded for it. I believe I will try to reach my goals. I will almost always attempt to get what I want.

4b: Question: What is my purpose in life?
Position: My fears?
I’m afraid that I won’t be able to it because I’m not good enough. Maybe I do not have right skills to reach my goals. I fear that others will not like how fast I go. I fear that I might race into relationships without thinking things through. I will try to go right for that I believe is right, even if I lose friends doing it.
(I did this before the house question….

What do I need to know about buying this house?
My fears: I fear that I will rush in and buy it without thinking things through. I fear that somebody else will get it before me. I fear that it might not be the right house for me. I fear that I might pay too much for it because I wont it so much. I fear that once I’ve got it I won’t to move on somewhere else after a short while.

What do you need to look into your life most right now

Why do I keep putting things off?
3 card spread with Hermit in all 3 positions

1: Pros: It gives me more time to reflect over what I should do. I can ask others for help so I do it right. I may get a better answer to the thing I put off, because I’ve used the time to reflect study and learn. I can use the time for other things to do.
2. Cons: The thing to be done must be done quickly, and I miss deadlines. I might overcomplicate things and use even more time. I might forget to do it. My increased self-awareness may make the chore seem insignificant and be put off even more. I don’t do the things I should. I get stressed by not doing things in time.

3. Next step (guidance): I should try to set up a priority list, allocating enough time so deadlines will be met, and quality does not suffer. I have to analyze in more depth why I put things off. This may be along term journey. What feeling do I have when I put things off, and why? Who suffers because of my putting off decision? Who gains?

12.3. Thy do I put things off? Here I drew 2 more majors, the High priestess and the star and with the Hermit, this is indeed a special spread.
Issue: The Hermit
What hinders: The High Priestess
What helps: The Star

The issue. I thought it would be right to look at the Hermit as a person, who he is, what he is interested in, to discover why he “puts off things”
The Hermit is more inclined to withdraw and study than meet deadlines and get this done at a pace. He wants to retreat, think things through, maybe seek guidance or help. He wants to gain self-awareness through process and understanding. The Hermit, like the fool is a wonderer, on a journey of self-discovery, not noticing, or choosing not to mundane things like simple tasks. The hermit’s maturity and wisdom reflects his concentration on the things that really matter in life.

What Hinders: The High Priestess wants and need to go into herself, to discover her unconscious, her inner self. I think maybe this indicates that I don’t like details; I just want to look at “heavy stuff” The High priestess demonstrates true passivity, though not a weakness for her goals of understanding her intuition and dreams, she is not a driver of getting those tasks done. I feel this as well. Its much more fun looking into the whys and where’s of things than sitting down, ticking off those telephone calls that need to be made.

What Helps: I believe the Star is asking me to have more self-confidence., having positive self esteem and energy. The Star tells me as well to use my intuition – saying that I can let some tasks go if my intuition says it’s ok. I will certainly try. By believing my intuition I will be gaining confidence in myself. It is also about being calm. I think here she is telling me not to be stressed, look at things calmly, and take things a bit easily. Perhaps these tasks are not that important that I make out. The star is also about her inner strength and joyous nature. I believe this is asking me to think through why I putting off things, and if I use strength and do the tasks I will be rewarded with good feelings. There seems to be a duality here, something I can learn from.
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