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Originally Posted by Herodotus View Post
Overall, I keep this book on my shelf because of my mixed feelings. I don't love it, but I don't hate it either. The good parts helped me, and the not so good parts got me thinking all the same, which I like to see in a book.
This pretty much sums up my overall impression of the book. I can see where reading for oneself for the purpose of self-understanding is a legitimate use of tarot, although I don't do much "psychological profiling" with it. On the other hand, predictive reading for oneself seems to be vulnerable to becoming "self-fulfilling prophecy." I also can't see abandoning the reading if the Fool appears in the central line, unless, perhaps, it shows up in the seventh and last position, which strikes me as a a rather nullifying place for it. Everything after the Fool's Mirror chapter seemed kind of incidental to the main thrust of the book, and I didn't find much value in it. I got a number of good ideas from the book and enjoyed reading it overall.
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