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Originally Posted by Richard View Post
More and more I have been using trumps only (without reversals). When one considers that rune readers make do with only 24 runes (such as the popular elder futhark), then 22 trumps does not seem like a serious limitation, particularly since each tarot trump is much richer and more flexible in meaning than a rune.
I mentioned the runes earlier for this very reason. If I want to choose from twenty-something symbols for divination, I will use the runes. They work, I won't deny that. However, the Tarot happens to also include an additional 56 cards, so I resort to it for more nuance. Runes are quick; by comparison, the complete pack of cards are like sitting down with a good book. I'm not saying reading with only the Majors is wrong - far from it. What I fundamentally disagree with is the notion that the Minors aren't necessary to the Tarot as a whole.

As a counter-argument, I'd like to refer everyone to Paul Huson's Mystical Origins. In this book, he suggests that most divination should be done with ONLY the Minor Arcana, and the Majors should be mixed into the pack for very weighty dilemmas and nothing else. A last resort for the desperate man, if you will.

I admit I feel like this was too strong a stance to take, albeit on the opposite end of the spectrum as that which is suggested by Gilchrist. But the point stands, I think. The Majors can be made to speak the mundane language, but why force that on them when the mundane language is already more articulately spoken by the Minors? Isn't that what's so special about the Major Arcana, after all? That they represent transcendent psycho-spiritual concepts?

Personally, I typically use the entire pack, for serious or mundane queries, and take special notice when a Major card does turn up. It drives the point home all the better when I lay out a five-card spread and all five happen to be Majors. I find that the approach of using only Majors because they're more significant diminishes that significance.

Not that I don't understand the utility of using only Majors should the occasion call for it. That's beside the point I'm trying to make, though.
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