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Okay, peeked my interest, went and pulled the card......

Is she on her way out of the building? Was the door locked? In this particular card, it is not apparent that the building is open. In other words no "inside" lights shinning through. She also has her back to the building.

This scene reminds me of a story of the mountain climber, climbing alone. He is almost at the top, it begins to snow, and he loses his footing and begins to fall. In the falling, he sees things before his minds eye. He comes to a stop, hanging by the rope tied to the cord around his waist. He screams out, "God, hekp me". A voice comes from above, "What do you want me to do"? "Save me God", the climber replies. God says, "Do you really think I can save you?". "Of course I belive you can" replies the climber. "THEN CUT THE CORD AT YOUR WAIST". Silence from the climber. He decided to hold onto the rope with all of his strength.
The rescue teams tells, that the next day they found the climber dead & frozen with his hands tight around the rope. He was hanging 10 feet away from the ground.

This card says to me, How attached are we to the "Rope"? Can we let go?

In the T of P, can she just turn around, get "out of herself", especially for the baby's sake. Standing there freezing to death, gives new maening to the word "victimhood" and as harsh as it may seem, "there are no victims, only volunteers".

5's are about Loss, conflict, challanges, hard choices.

While this card first projects a "forelorness", it also appears to represent a mother who has forgotten that all you need to do is "ask" . This is true in the spiritual world and the physical world.

Practically speaking, I think too often we wonder why no one helps us be they angelic, God or people. Perhaps it is because we "are too attached to the rope we have created" and don't ask for help or trust ourselves OR others enough.

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