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Originally posted by Ruby Red Slippers

While this card first projects a "forelorness", it also appears to represent a mother who has forgotten that all you need to do is "ask" . This is true in the spiritual world and the physical world.
Wow! Pretty powerful interpretation. Never thought of it that way RRS.

5 is midway through the cycle 1 - 9 so you're right. It is a pivotal point and does indicate choices.

Depends on the context though. I have generally seen 5 Pentacles as representing the Outsider. Being an Outsider can be a choice. It usually does involve some measure of suffering but not always out of balance suffering.

In this image the Mother and her child are ouside the institution of the Church but look how strong she is. As I speak, I notice how grey and unlifelike everything in this image is!

I have trouble with dim colours but the only bit of colour seems to be the gold pentacles but they are almost indistinguishable.

In readings this card has often appeared in the context of choice. The Querent might make a choice which has difficult consequences. It is usually transitional. I've never seen 5 Pentacles as a final outcome card. And would not want to!

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