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Step 14.1

Tarot of Dreams Deck

Star # 17
Death card # 13
9 of Cups

First I will compare Star(#17) and Death(#13)

• Odd numbers (17./13)- suggest deviation
• Major arcana- something major in my life not a “ everyday” type of reading
• Second half of the major arcana- approaching end of a major cycle
• Dark colors night time- dreams world, those unseen spiritual forces at work
• These cards give me the impression of mystery


• Star suggests movement towards hope, and/ or the feeling that we are connected to all things
• Death card suggests something will come to a dead stop( pun intended)

• Emotionally comparing these cards I get fear of the unknown from the death card and hope for a better life from the Star card

• The lady from the star card is in the air above the planet earth with a large body of water under her
Element air/water
• The death figure is coming from the earth with mist skulking on the bottom of the card with a tree out of leaves and the moon behind him
Element very earth
• suggesting stop and go fluid and standing still
• The main character in the Star is a woman the main character in the death card give the impression of a man


• Odd numbers – deviation

• The colors she is pouring from her 2 vessels in the Star are the same colors as the cornucopia of fruit and such from the 9 of cups
• Star and 9 of Cups It is almost like she is pouring hope and happiness into the 9 of cups

• Both have a heavy dose of water element suggestion flow


• The Star is dark not scary dark like the death but walk along the beach during the moonlight type of night all dark hues of blue except her rainbows she is pouring from her vassals

• Her emotion is very serene contemplative

• The 9 of cups is an explosion of bright colors cornucopia of happiness fruit and wine this card brings a party with it.
• His emotion is very , very happy

• The Star is major arcana the 9-cups if minor

• All these differences suggest the difference between deep spirituality in a meditate state compared to earthly pleasures
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