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14.2 pictures in the above post

14.2 Reading similarities and differences in a reading

1: Star Known
2. Death - Unknown
3 .9 of Cups What I learn

Combining spread position and Dignities this Is what I get ( plus a little more about me)

Now that I have some sober time I am really getting into esoteric spirituality. and it is a very important part of my life now and the Tarot is my in road into spirituality.
Combining the first 2 cards I get the impression that there are deep spiritual forces at work in my life and that the star will help the death card tells me this is one Major change and once I embark on this path there is no turning back. I was raised catholic and my parents force fed this to me also most people I know in AA are Christian so this search has been mostly solo with a few exceptions of friends I made on retreats and such.

Combining the last 2 cards tells me if I continue on this path and deal with the consequences I will be happy for it.

Just looking at the odd numbers in these cards tells me I might be at odds with my self( I am Irish American and catholic is important to a lot of my identity)

Seeing as all the numbers are towards the end I am thinking that I am about tat the point in my life where I can openly embrace tarot , shamanism, and all those wonderful things tarot is showing me by just wanting to more about tarot. Also those higher numbers with the death card smack dab in the middle tell me this is going to be a doozey of a change and liable to be life changing.

the dark hues changing into some serious bright light colors tells me that all those spiritual forces at work underneath will make me real happy and joneses a cornucopia of good will in this reality. And the last picture tells me that the seeds of spirituality will bear fruit.
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