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Originally Posted by coyoteblack
Star # 17
9 of Cups

The colors she is pouring from her 2 vessels in the Star are the same colors as the cornucopia of fruit and such from the 9 of cups
Star and 9 of Cups It is almost like she is pouring hope and happiness into the 9 of cups
Both have a heavy dose of water element suggestion flow

The 9 of cups is an explosion of bright colors cornucopia of happiness fruit and wine this card brings a party with it.
His emotion is very , very happy
The Star is major arcana the 9-cups if minor
All these differences suggest the difference between deep spirituality in a meditate state compared to earthly pleasures
Coyoteblack ... what it is about you and I getting the same cards *ROFLMAO*.

It is so amazing how we actually arrive at a similar feeling for the meaning of the Star when our decks are so incredibly different.

I really enjoyed reading your differences and similarities between the Star and 9 of Cups as they were so different from mine. My 9 of Cups is an elephant in buiness clothes with champagne bottles popping their corcks and spraying upwards. He is smoking a cigar with his trunk, has his hands in his pockets, and looks smug rather than happy. Definetly an indulgence attitute. Yours on the other hand seems much more connected to your Star card. Much more spiritual and symbolic.

Don't get me wrong I love the down to earth approach of the Fantastic Menagerie, actually I am quite amazed and impressed by the Fantastic Menagerie now, but it does not carry the spiritual aspects your decks does. It conveys the message, but is not as poetic in expressing it.

I really liked how you brought that all together in your reading. I obviously approached the Step in a different manner, and might just have to go back and fine tune mine back into my reading like you did. That was very powerful. The Star and Death .... hope, change and new beginnings. And in your deck the 9 of cups is definetly a celebration so I think that no matter how painful this transformation has been in your life that the outcome will be sooooooo worth it. A very inspirational and uplifting message if you ask me.
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