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Knight of Pentacles - Tarot of Prague

For the Dignities study, I drew the 10 of Cups and the King of Wands to accompany my Knight of Pentacles. There are almost no similarities. My Knight has a single person, two animals (a dog and a horse), no plant life, no implied movement, is primarily blue and tan, and has a cathedral in the background. The 10 of Cups has a family of six, no animals, a park-like setting with blossoming branches above and a rose in the hand of the little girl, a strong sense of motion within the group (though not movement out of the image), heavily features orange and red, and has a smaller orange-roofed building in the background. The King of Wands features two individuals (the King and one of his knights), “decorative” animals (a lion or sphinx on the knight’s helmet, a number of horses decorating the building’s walls), a grapevine entwined around the wand beside the King, the King is dressed in yellow and pink while his attendant is in pale blue and bright red, and a red-roofed secular building in the background; the two men appear to be walking through the street, so there is movement which will take them out of the image if it were to be set in motion. One card is a Pentacle, one is Cups, and one is Wands.

After studying these cards, however, I have found a few similarities. A Knight appears in two of them, in both cases looking off to the right. I see this as the direction of “the future”, and if the knights indicate action, it may be a signal that I must take action in the future to develop the patience I seek. The Knight and the 10 both contain buildings having prominent arches with dark interiors – this may be an indication that some mysterious distractions may present themselves, distractions I should avoid if I’m to reach my goal. Tiled roofs are in all three (gray, orange, and red). Finally, something is being held in each – the Knight holds a gold coin, the girl in the 10 holds a red rose while the mother holds a baby, and the King holds a scepter and a scroll while his attendant holds his helm. Could this last indicate the holding of a tarot card for meditative purposes?

But in fact, with regard to 14.2, there are no suits, elements, numbers, or symbols repeated, nor is there a sequence, although there is an interesting similarity in the “gaps” – 10 (Page) Knight (Queen) King. Perhaps the latter suggests that I can make progress even by “skipping steps” toward the goal.

And could it be that the lack of similarities is itself a hint – that there are many ways to achieve my goal? I could do it alone (the Knight), work primarily with my partner (the King), or involve my family (the 10).
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