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Using RWS
2 of Swords, 5 of Swords, 7 of Pents(rx)

Two sword cards and a pent, two yangs to a ying. The intensity builds in the first 2 cards and gives way in the last pent. The masculine seems in charge, but the fem, receptive gives perspective.

2 of swords and 5 of swords are air while the 7 of pents(rx) is earth element. You would think the air would overwhelm the earth, but I still see earth as more powerful, giving the troubled thinking process respite.

2 of swords…duality, conflict within, stop and go.
5 of swords…open enemies, conflict, change
7 of pents(rx)…rest, reflection, reconsolidating

The numbers are progressing, but not in sequence.

This 3 card spread from step 12 was Purpose (2 of Swords), Issue (5 of Swords), and Feeling (7 of Pents-rx).
The issue (5 of Swords) seems amplified by Purpose in the 2 of swords. There had to be a change in my way of thinking. Bad habits are hard to break as are a perpetual way of negativity. The Issue (5 of Swords) then appears as an outer manifestation of what was brewing in 2 of swords. The duality stems from not honoring one’s feelings early on, causing a snowball effect. The purpose in keeping silent, or looking away was to keep the peace, but it became an issue (5 of swords). The feeling (7 of Pents-rx) is of needing to meditate, and withdraw. Thinking of losses and gains. I think the cards speak clearly enough in their given positions.

I don’t see the differences as hindering, rather see it as supporting, complimenting among these three.
The shards of grey sky in the 5 of swords become a whole in the 7 of pents, where they were once blue in the 2 of swords. The calm before the storm, looking at 2 of swords going to the 5 of swords. The smoke clearing at the 7 of pents(rx). Deeper colors found as the cards progress from 2 of swords to 7 of pents…for as bleak as the environment might seem, a warmth grows within(7 of pents-rx). There seems to be negative thinking in the 2 of swords (black hair) and the 7 of Pents-rx, but seems more in perspective in the 7 of pents than the 2 of swords. The 5 of swords has a good balance between the two as changes actually happen, being no longer just in the mind(2 of swords). The shapes in the 2 of swords looks just as conflicted with the 2 huge swords facing out. Ready for a battle that has not been waged yet. Not an inviting card, more so, a “keep out” sentiment. The biggest man in the 5 of swords seems to balance things out among the 3 cards, it takes away the 2 huge swords from the 2 of swords, telling it to grow up! The 7 of pents has coins giving a feel of completion, understanding, more so than in the first card.

Step 14:2

List the similarities and differences among these 3 cards.
What do these suggest?
As if doing a read...

Using RWS
2 of Swords, 5 of Swords, 7 of Pents(rx) (from my Step 12)

Right off the bat I see a connection between the 2 of Swords and the 5 of Swords. Both are of the same suit(swords) and element(air). The 7 of Pents(rx) seems out in the cold. This could be a much needed break between the negative thinking of the 2 (duality) and the manifestation of that conflict in the 5 of swords. The 7 of pents(rx) seems to offer some reflection and rest while still thinking of the unknown.
The sky color begins (2 of swords) promising, rich in blue, with the moon hanging the distance, night falls. Everything seems to get more concentrated/intense here. As events play out, the blue dissipates in the 5 of swords, as does the darkness gives way to day. Here the clouds come in, whatever was conceived in the mind (2 of swords) seems to come true in the 5, but not as expected. It could fluctuate between a feeling of it being worse or better than one had anticipated. By the time you reach the 7 of pents, the sky is bleak and grey. I still see this 7 of pents(rx) as complimenting, supporting the two swords cards quietly, behind the scenes. Perhaps answering some questions, offering solace and much needed stability, even in a fogged up sky.
There is a stop and go feel…rest, action, rest among them and they do progress but not in sequence. It makes me think that for every action, a consequence. Whatever was started in the 2 of swords, manifested in the 5 of swords, needs close examination in the 7 of pents(rx). Making it up as you go along feel.
Clothing color deepens as you go, while the skies blanche out. I feel like whatever was outside is now taken in more seriously.
There is lots of water in the two air cards, by the looks of it, turbulent. I think I tried for many years to look over things, neglect issues that I should have spoken up. Just because you repress something doesn’t mean it’s gone, a wish to look away, no big deal sort of feel. Well, those things that needed addressing came to a head through issues that were not necessarily related. The water seems to be the most “yin” thing in these two (swords) “yang” cards. There is an ability to be receptive but an unwilling to express until forced. Then it is unsure if it will hit its mark.
So the water is the only things that seems to lead back to the yang of pent/earth (7-rx). I think there is a deep learning process as far as the emotions are concerned. A recognition of emotions and a wanting to express at appropriate times. The 7 of pents(rx) seems to understand the problem, but has yet to see any hard evidence of improvement.
Straight out boundaries in the 2 and 5 are outlined. In the 2, not recognized, in the 5 of swords…forced to recognize true importance of outlining. The 7 of pents(rx) seems to be taking into account these mistakes and making memories.
I think there is plenty of contemplation in the 2 of swords and the 7 of pents(rx), but different in nature in that the 2 of swords seems to be working itself into a lather in anticipation of a very bad outcome. Self-sabotage IMO. The 7 of pents(rx) isn’t all that interested in naming names, just going forward, even if slowly.

This step was difficult for me to organize, hope it is somewhat understandable, lol!
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