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Originally Posted by rachelcat
And I think the Crystal is one of the most beautiful decks in existance, bar none, but cups are air and swords are water. Could it be my ONE deck? Argghh! Flames are shooting from my ears!!!!
Swords = water Cups = Air ...... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! That just really does not work for me on ANY level, and NEVER will not matter what ANYONE says *LOL*.

I am willing to give a shot to the Swords = fire, Wands = Air doubt it will ever change my preference but I think I will be able to relate and deal with it OK. Call me obtuse and close minded, but for me Cups = water. Bottom line, end of story!

Good luck with the Crystal ...

Rachelcat ... I really enjoyed how you discovered things in you cards throughout the step that you had no idea were there. Particularly that they resulted in creating a balance for you.
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