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Originally Posted by squeakmo9
like the ever changing phases of your life.
The Princess of Swords as defending, establishing yourself.
The 4 of Wands perhaps indicating a more mellow phase, when starting a family, establishing roots. The Tower as standing for the bigger picture, your values you are willing to fight for...I keep getting "for king and country", lol!
Wow, that's very interesting, squeak! In one of my posts I was telling about how I have an Aries South Node, which supposedly means I have over-learned the lesson of survival and self-defense--like you said--defending! And that's the past. Hopefully, I'm learning to mellow here in the present, and wil use my "warrior training" only for very important things ("king and country"?) in the future.

Thanks so much for your insight!

(Beautiful deck, isn't it?!)
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