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21 ways to read a tarot card - step 14

Step 14 ~ Dignity & Theme

Step 14.1 Look at your chosen card and two additional cards, list the similarities and differences among them. What do these suggest?

Card 1 ~ The Lovers
Card 2 ~ Art (Temperance)
Card 3 ~ Princess of Swords

Similarities between the Lovers & Art
Both are major arcana cards, both show lion and eagle, both show a golden chalice/cup, the colours orange & yellow appears frequently in both cards, the markings on the dress in the Art card are the same as the robes of the Emperor and Empress on the Lovers card, both are even numbered cards, each card has a large dominating figure and there is a presence of opposites in each card.

Differences between the Lovers and Art
There’s only one figure on the Art card, there is a lot of green and blue in the Art card non on the Lovers, there are children on the Lovers card, the eagle and lion on the Art are opposite of what they were on the Lovers.

Similarities between the Lovers & Princess of Swords
There is a female in both cards and there is yellow in both cards.

Differences between the Lovers and Princess of Swords
There is only one figure in the Princess of Swords there’s several in the Lovers, a feeling of fighting in Princess of Swords whereas there is happiness in the Lovers, feeling of loneliness and solitude with Princess of Swords not with the Lovers, the colours in the Princess of Swords are dark and brooding not in the Lovers, there are no animals in the Princess of Swords, one is major arcana and one is a court card.

Similarities between Art & Princess of Swords
One figure in each card, each figure is female, each figure is clothed in green, there is green, yellow and blue in each card,

Differences between Art & Princess of Swords
One is major arcana and one is a court card, Art has animals in it.

What do these similarities and differences suggest?

As the first two cards are major arcana cards this suggests something big. Maybe a choice or decision that has to be made in the Lovers, that carries onto Art and advises me to look to myself for the answers and not to take heed of others. Finally onto the Princess of Swords where I am blasting away the clouds that have hung over me.

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