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For nicki

I had some difficulty with this step at the time I was doing it, not because of the cards or reading the cards, but because I was in a "down" mood. For me, the reading of the three cards as a spread to show what I was experiencing, what I could do about it, what I needed to focus upon as an outcome, was a really neat way of finding the path forward. Once I did that, it tied the three card's meanings together for me and made the "similarities-differences" more meaningful. Perhaps you might wish to try reading these cards as a spread.

Sometimes we can get caught up in the rush of just moving through the steps. If we do that we miss some of the value in each lesson. I don't want to see you rush yourself. We will be activating the discussion thread soon about how we want to proceed with the Adept-Level of the 21 steps, but you won't be behind to any degree when we start that. I've been on vacation for awhile but will be mostly active again as the next week or so passes. Dave
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