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Originally Posted by Astraea View Post
Generally speaking, closely applying significators send the clearest message. If planets are applying with several degrees between them, there is a greater opportunity for another planet to interfere with the perfection of an aspect (or for a significator to leave a sign or house) than if only a degree or two were involved. So the closer significators are by degree to completing an aspect, the greater the opportunity for them to perfect the aspect.
Thanks, that makes good sense.
To find out if significators are within orb, we add the number of degrees comprising each planet's orb and divide that number by two, arriving at their moiety - the point at which they begin to actively influence one another through the medium of an aspect. For example, Sun (17 degrees) plus Jupiter (12 degrees) equals 29 degrees; divided by two, we get 14.5 degrees. So when Jupiter and the Sun are within 14.5 degrees of forming an aspect, they are said to be within orb, and if they are applying we sit up and take notice of other conditions affecting them.
Perfect! That's exactly the kind of information I was looking for.
This might be too much information, but at some point in the study of perfection you will need to have it.
Not too much at all -- rather, the perfect amount!
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