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Originally Posted by Queen of Disks View Post
That's awesome!!! Gotta reuse and recycle you know...
actually you can sometimes find amazing fabric from old church vestments, (usually not stuff i can afford to buy) because 18th century silks from old dresses were donated to churches to be used (yes, recycled!) in vestment making. old silk brocades, gorgeous. the metallic trims and old velvets are wonderful too. there are textile dealers that sell these things.

Originally Posted by Stormdancer View Post
Quiet in here today!
very quiet, not the usual pages and pages to catch up.

Originally Posted by BlueDragonfly View Post
QoD! Congrats for having 2 days off in a row and getting a rest from the madness!

I scored enough brand new skeins of yarn at the thrift store to knit a tunic sweater and there were 12 of them! 9 of a frosted red color and 3 of ivory for $1 each!
good find, blue! wool usually gets snapped up so fast, it goes as soon as it is put out, in the op shops i go to.
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