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Yes, it bothered me for over 6yrs now that we were not entirely sure if hte ornaments were lost for good or in the garage. I thought they were in the garage--but...........

I'm SOOO glad we found them. some of our FAVORITES were in there too! but, now I will have to buy or make more ornament 'boxes' to put them in. We use to keep them in cardboard boxes. the last few years, we purchased those plastic ones that have the snap tight lid, and I LOVE THEM!!! So, now I'll have to buy a few more to keep them all in.

Hi JC! It's been a busy weekend--as usual. but, yes, productive. I've never seen Fred Claus. I've heard of it--but never seen it.

The one we're watching is one of our favorites for Christmas. Not an oldie and goodie--a fairly newer movie. but very good! highly recommend it!
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