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Absolutely agree about figuring out where you intend to have the repro done and downloading their template first.

I went at it in the wrong direction. I measured my copy of the Hanson-Roberts cards and went with that. Now, the Hanson-Roberts is a nice, easy to handle deck, but its proportions are closer to a playing card than a standard Tarot card. Fortunately, that just meant that I needed to add some detail at the top and bottom of every card to bring it into compliance with the template, and the design already had a fairly elaborate border, so it wasn't that big a job to extend it. But it could have been fairly hairy, and it was my own fault.

Also; be careful of dealing with copyright material. If you intend to just have one copy printed for your own use, that's probably fine. But if you intend to release it for commercial publication, or even just turn it loose on the internet, you *really* do not want to antagonize copyright holders. Make sure that your references fall within "fair use".

And, if you are working digitally, or if you are working in analog and intend to scan it, or otherwise port it to digital, once you get to that step, don't limit yourself to low resolution. The cpmpany I had my deck printed by (MPC) wants a *minimum* 300ppi file, and higher resolution is very much better. It really does make a difference when it goes to print.
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