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Definitely think about as high a resolution as you can obtain for the best results. If you are using scans go for the highest dpi your machine can give you

Not too much difference between card images and photos in book publishing - if you have a wedding picture taken in the 1950s it is all you have and usually the file reviewer tells you that an image is low-quality. However, you can override that if you understand the result will be fuzzy - can't re-take that pic!

JOdel - many people (including myself) did that 'Oh! I like the size of this deck so I will just use this as a size template!' I based my original sketches (yes, I sketched my deck out in ink the old-fashioned way) on the Giant Rider Waite. Bad Idea! Even with a photocopied master template all the card images are slightly different sizes and you can see this in the finished deck - the white borders are uneven.

Word to the wise: It is better to have a large image that you can scale down than have a small image you have to scale up.
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