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Reversible Card Backs ... Or Not ...

A thought about 'Non-Reversible Card Backs' --

Sometimes the card back you want to create is not reversible - it shows a definite top and bottom. For some people this is a problem - especially when they 'don't want to know' that a particular card in a reading is 'going to come up reversed.' (Personally - I don't have this problem since I don't get card reversals when I shuffle, but most Querents inadvertently reverse cards when they shuffle).

In a thread about 'Card Backs' I saw a beautiful card back created for 'The Wizard's Tarot' which is a whispy gold filigree design against a blue background - and is non-reversible. It started me thinking - since you can chose the card backs for your card fronts - a different back for every front if need be - what if you deliberately created a back design and reversed it randomly on half the deck? In that way some card backs would always be reversed but you would not be able to know if the card fronts would be reversed or not. It could be done....

What do you think - too much work? After all, on TGC you do have an option for a different card back for every single card you are creating - just mix some reversed card backs in!
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