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That's an interesting idea. For that matter, since no one doing a reading is trying to hide what order the cards are going to come up -- in mean, it isn't a *game*. People aren't betting on which card is going to come up in what order -- why do they even need to all have the *same* back?

Admittedly it would make it obvious that all the cards are parts of the same deck. But there is no reason why the card backs all have to even match. It wouldn't affect the reading. You could back them with, say, a gradient, and let the gradient randomly radiate from any of the four corners of the back of the card if you wanted. You might not even tie the direction the gradient was flowing to the suits.

My own deck's back is absolutely not reversible. But then, it's an illustration. If I'd been thinking about it I might have given it a reversible design, but can't really see that it makes that much of a difference.

I recall that doesn't seem to have an option for multiple designs for the backs of the cards, but clearly other print-on-demand services do.
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