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Thank you for your reply Freder. Your decks just seem to get better and better. You're really on a roll. Thank you so much for injecting these thrilling, unique decks into the tarot world! I really love your sense of aesthetic AND the themes.

When the Lombardy is ready, then I'll grab one - I am patient - it'll be worth the wait.

In the meantime there is the Rackham. It looks fantastic. I shall be ordering one (or two). You mention photographs - what I'm getting is groups scans. Did you take photos of them on the table? I can only see the group scans. On my phone I can magnify the image to see in more detail but on my laptop, I can't. But it's always good to have some surprises. I know I am going to love this deck. Your decks are so readable - I have the Golliwogs, Zirkus Magi and the Mr Punch. All three are so unique.
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