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yeah that's exactly what i want! :-D ahh it's so cute!! i want something to convey a cosmic, sci-fi kind of feel? and the bubble prism option fits perfectly.

i'm notorious for not finishing projects that i start. even 1 month is too long usually for something to hold my attention. i just suck at planning. ^ ^; i'm not going to panic until after a year has passed though, lol. i want to paint all 78 cards but even if i just get all the majors i'll be happy, but i really want the aces and court cards, too. so it's like why stop there? it would be a shame if i don't get through the minors as well. and since this deck will probably be just for me i don't need a book but it would be nice!

too bad i can't magically conjure each card from my imagination, haha.
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