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YeY!) SO HAPPY TO HEAR THAT!) I had same idea moment I see this

oh! know what you mean!) somehow i always end up doing so many things same time!x,x with new ideas all the time!x,x but lack *focus&determination* to actually work and finish my projects! facepalm ) and not once I was thinking will I ever see paint program that can paint from your imagination!XD LOLZ ))

don't panic! starting with majors is great idea! and if you fell like doing aces or courts or whatever whenever just do it!) imo it's best to work when you have inspiration!) if nothing at least will get fantastic holo bookmarks and postcards!XD )) and be sure to keep us updated!^^ I'm ready to open indiegogo acc just to back this project!) WE NEED SOMETHING LIKE THIS!XD TAROT AND ORACLE COMMUNITY NEED THIS BREAKTROUGHXD LOLZ )

p.s no need to say you counted all the tings I LUV!XD cosmic sci fi sparkling holo cards!) and if you opt for pastel colored kawai/cute style even better!^^ lolz so feel free to ask whatever you need help with!XD If nothing I can kick you to work on your ideas!XD lolz ) so be sure to post us with some images soon!^^)

till next!^^ holo rocks!XD )))))
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