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Early this evening I completed the final card design for TINKER'S DAMN TAROT. Any time you finish a big job like this there's a sense of both relief and regret. And when you finish a tarot deck, you know that you've done a job of work.

I'm going to take a day or two away from it, then go through all the cards from top to bottom, review and refine, decide if I want to make any major or minor changes, etc,.

I have to make two sets of master PNG files, one each for the standard and jumbo size decks (the latter has a slightly different aspect ratio). That by itself shouldn't take long. I hope to be uploading the files and ordering up the proof copies by Sunday night.

Then it's just the long wait for the proofs to arrive. If all goes well, and no major changes are required, I expect to be offering the deck sometime in early May.

Most of the preview images are online at the site, but not all, and I'm deliberately not posting all of them right away. Although I feel like heading over there and at least filling out the court cards before I hang it up for the day.

Tired but happy.

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