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Originally Posted by foolMoon View Post
This is a great but long thread about Horary with loads of gem information on the subject. But I have not read all the posts in the thread, so excuse me if this question had been dealt in the thread already.

My question is, when the outer planets are to be used in Horary readings. Horary being traditional astrology based, the outer planets were not known at the time when Lilly and many other famous ancient astrologers were active, and maybe hence the reason the planets were not used?

But once they are found and known to us for now around one or two three centuries, shouldn't they be used in horary readings? Because even now many horary astrologers do not use the outer planets in their readings, but some seem do. Should they be used in horary readings or not? Only in certain occasions? What is your view?
This is just my personal view on outers from my experience with horary's....

If an outer is on a house cusp or rising, i read it as being significant. If in a house asked about i.e 7th, ill read as significant, especially if in conjunction with querent or quesited, but other than that i'll just ignore them.....unless in another way they are pointed out to me.
Uranus has been significant in a few of my charts now, not so much pluto and neptune.
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