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Originally Posted by foolMoon View Post
I tend to pay more attention to Neptune in horary charts. I can see your points on the outers getting significant when rising or near the cusp from the bounds dignity. When they are degrees after 25, they become melefics. And if they are in angular houses as well.
Why Neptune ? Neptunes never had an impact in any of my horary's up to now, but then again ive never paid much attention to it, so maybe i should have.
That's the only time outers have ever meant anything for me, when rising or directly on a house cusp, yes and in an angular.....but more so Uranus
So all planets after 25 degrees become malefics, or just outers ? Didn't know this.

Anyhow I tend to use them. Just wondered how other people feel about them, and deal with them.[/QUOTE]
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