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Originally Posted by BlueDragonfly View Post
Yep, that's me! I've been away for a few months, overloaded with work/life. Taking some time off to get my headspace back and this is perfect for me right now.
I'm glad to see you here, BlueDragonfly- you didn't have to do all the organizing this go round

Originally Posted by RavenOfSummer View Post
Well it's the first day of our reading and I'm so excited! Happy Sacred Days of Midsummer everyone! Already enjoying reading what people have shared so far about their Day 1 experience.

I wanted to share a poem as we dive into our reading:
Thanks so much for sharing this poem with us, it's very helpful. A reminder to me to actually feel what the solstice is all about.

Originally Posted by Luxa View Post
So excited, today's the first day!

I've pulled my first card. My plan is to draw the card in the morning and do the write up at night and hopefully do some processing during the day.
Originally Posted by CharlotteK View Post
I decided to make my draw quickly this morning. Time is scarce in the mornings with the school run and a commute, but I thought I would then at least have all day to reflect on it and post my interpretation in the evening.
Luxa and CharlotteK you guys have given me something to think about. My time is also very scarce in the mornings, but I could take the time to pull the card before work and contemplate it all day before I write about it. Great Idea! I will think about this.

Since it's the first day (afternoon for me) I'm just about to do the shuffle, etc and do my first write up before I go to water aerobics class.

I'm excited to see so many here participating. I really needed this at this time. It will help me regroup, get my spiritual bearings, again. I"m using a deck that I've never used- The SpellCaster's Tarot, so I have no idea what to expect and that's part of the fun of it! Thanks everyone xoxox
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