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Originally Posted by Disa View Post

Luxa and CharlotteK you guys have given me something to think about. My time is also very scarce in the mornings, but I could take the time to pull the card before work and contemplate it all day before I write about it. Great Idea! I will think about this.
Disa, yes my time is short in the mornings too, and doing it this way worked quite well. Although tomorrow i'm going to try and note down my first impressions quickly, because I forgot them as the day went on!

RavenOfSummer, thanks for the lovely poem!

I've had a look at everyone's draws so far - really interesting! Some are just perfect, like the fool, or an ace!

I haven't used Chrysalis for ages and i forgot how deep it can be, combined with this Sacred days of Midsummer spread, i think I'm going to have fun!
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