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I'm really enjoying this, RavenofSummer. I like the rhythm of it - I'm drawing a card in the morning and then returning to it at night for the writeup. Little ideas pop up throughout the day while I think about the significance of the day's theme. The cards I'm getting so far are pretty rich with meaning for me! Also enjoying everyone else's posts. Thank you

This is exactly what I' m doing.

Friday I bought the Tarot Illuminati be Erik Dunne. The deck is beyond gorgeous. The edges are gilt.

I thought I would continue the circle with this new deck. I removed my RW deck from the silk cloth they are wrapped in, to use the cloth for the spread. I put the RW cards back in the bag, spread the cloth and readied myself to pull a card from the Illuminati.

But lo and behold The Knight of Pent from the RW was on the cloth. I had to chuckle. I know exactly what this card is for me.
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