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Originally Posted by Lee View Post
No to both.
Shame because if your current Landlord had been a near neighbour, the chart would clearly be for the current neighbours, not the future ones. Coming back to the question, it really is one of those situations where the Astrologer needs to be fully clear as to the situation of the question. I really can see my original argument and Astraea's use of the fifth as both being valid depending on the precise circumstances of the question. If it relates solely and exclusively to the situation after you have moved there's a strong argument for the third being used for the new neighbours. If there's any comparison with or contrast to the existing neighbours, as Astraea infers, then you would need an additional significator for the new neighbours, either using the fifth house ruler, or using Mars as the ruler of the next sign.

I would normally follow the principle of using the fifth as the best house for the new neighbours in those circumstances but with the third cusp on the verge of entering Scorpio and Mars prominent in your first house I would be very tempted to use Mars. It's again one of those situations in which personal judgement does come into horary. It is not just following a set of rules in a slavish manner. All sets of rules (including the legal system) cannot cover every single instance that you can think up. That's why judges are needed in the legal system and why horary and natal Astrology were referred to as 'judicial' Astrology.
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