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I can relate to your story

When we adopted our first grandchild, days after he was born, it was certainly a different life for as as "second time parents." He was with us for five years before the second, then a third grandchild came along and had to be cared for. As he got a bit older, probably about 7 or 8, he would wistfully refer to those times when we were "a little family" -- meaning just my wife and I and him.

He still laughs at that memory when we take his great grandmother out to eat several times a week -- he goes with us, the two youngest often elect to stay home and play with their friends. We make special times for "the little family" even though he is almost 19 now. Of course, we also give the other younger siblings their special times as well. But it is a reminder to us of how important certain childhood memories and relationships are to us all.

Thanks for sharing. Dave
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