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Your FAV IN PUBLIC Lenormand

When you are reading in public, is there any specific deck or decks you bring? Is there one you ALWAYS carry?

IN PERSON, I could happily take any of my Lenormands and they're all in custom cases, so they are all gussied up :-) and it makes a nice presentation to wrap their satiny ribbons to begin.

It would depend on my mood and the crowd, I would likely have...the Lenormand Oracle by Gina di Roberto. Just a great all around Lenormand.

I would look at the occasion too. For evening, candlelight, maybe Mysteries of the Old Castle.

For romance readings (and how many of us get those? :-), I like the Russian Lilac Twilight because of the soft, pastels and that makes a lovely romantic setting and for just a fun setting, Chronata's Minute Lenormand!
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